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by Luann Lewis


Almost An Author

This blog has dozens of great articles on a broad variety of subjects.  Published authors, editors, copy editors and so forth have offered advice.  It is not terribly iPad/iPhone friendly in that you cannot access the menu easily.  Their prompt to subscribe to the newsletter gets in the way, so it’s better to try this one from your desktop.



Darren Rowe’s and the ProBlogger Team put together a blog all about blogs.  If you’ve ever been interested in starting one or feel yours is getting stale, they’ve got suggestions for you


C.S.Lakin has created a wonderful blog full of brief and interesting articles addressing all sorts of issues writers face.  With LiveWriteThrive you’ll find practical advice and encouragement.


Eva Deverell’s website contains all sorts of interesting perks.  She has great suggestions in her online book, How to Grow as a Writer.  With tons of links for readers, writers, poets and even autodidacts. (No, I didn’t know what that was either. It’s a self-taught person.)


Jenny Bravo offers free books and blog posts about writing with writing tips and prompts.  She has a fun sense of humor and a lively website.


Mainly staffed by Phil James, Qwiklit is a blog with in-depth articles from translating work to poetry (lots on poetry) to word usage.  The articles are sometimes compilations of several writers’ thoughts and advice.


This Plot Generator doesn’t really generate a plot… it works more like MadLibs, but it’s kinda fun if you’re taking a break.



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