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Writers' Village University is more than a great place to learn how to write; it's a living, breathing community of writers from around the world. Education should be a life-long pursuit for beginning and experienced writers. At Writers' Village University, you'll get to know a community of friendly, helpful members who have made education an important part of their lives.

The "Village," as writers often refer to Writers' Village University, is a full-time support service and is always growing, offering new courses, seminars and special programs. As a member, you may take as many courses and workshops as you'd like. Many seminars are included too. You won't need to spend thousands of dollars on MFA programs, university creative writing courses and workshops like I've done.  -- Best of all, you can fit courses to your schedule and pace. Programs are available for every level of writer. If you're a beginner, you won't have to worry about harsh, intimidating criticisms of your work. We prefer to encourage and build confidence. For more advanced writers, we provide guidelines that encourage detailed, constructive criticism  with an emphasis on balance. We know it's just as important to point out the strong points in a writer's work as it is to suggest areas to improve.

--  RJ Hembree

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WVU's Fiction MFA is back with added courses and more flexibility. New classes begin every Thursday. The MFA Foundation Series are 2-week courses. The Advanced MFA courses run between 2 and 18 weeks. You can now take courses individually at your own pace. Three levels are available for beginning, intermediate and advanced writers. All courses will run in rotation, so if you miss or can't complete one, you can jump in on the next round. MFA courses are free to all WVU Members.

Course dates are for group workshops. Members also have 24/7 access to WVU courses for independent study.

Last day for registration is the Saturday following start date.

June & July classes

Classes starting June 4 Registration begins May 28
B138 Plotting The Plot
F112 Character Development
N138 Delving A Little Deeper Into Nature Writing
P202 Poetry Triggers - What's in a Name?
Classes starting June 5 Registration begins May 29
MFA 214 Describing and Withholding

Classes starting June 11 Registration begins June 4
B164 Personification
C108 Comedy Workshop: Working with Captions
F222 Writing Boosters - Brainstorming for Smells
F246 Writing Historical Fiction
Classes starting June 12 Registration begins June 5
MFA 215 Inflection, Tone and Pitch

Classes starting June 18 Registration begins June 11
B101 WVU Orientation,facilitated by Melissa Anne
B109 The Writers' Way to Creativity Part 2, facilitated by Janet Smith
F110 Where Creativity Lives
P204 Poetry Triggers - Using Beginning Lines as Poetry Starters
Classes starting June 19 Registration begins June 12
MFA216 Voice and Style

Classes starting June 25 Registration begins June 18
B113 Constructive Feedback, facilitated by Melissa Anne
B142 Blockbusters
F116 Getting the Words Right
N132 So, You Want to be a Travel Writer
Classes starting June 26 Registration begins June 19
MFA217 Magical Realism, Rules and How to Break Them

Classes starting July 2 Registration begins June 25
C100 Comedy Writing Part 1
F114 Dialogue
F200 Independent Novel Workshop
N124 Writing for a Living
Classes starting July 3 Registration begins June 26
MFA 218 Adding Humor to Fiction

Classes starting July 9 Registration begins July 2
F110 Where Creativity Lives
F146 Let's Make a Scene
N110 Writing Articles Part 2, Prerequisite N108
P158 Poetry Triggers - Going Over the Edge
Classes starting July 10 Registration begins July 3
MFA 219 The Purpose and Practice of Revision

Classes starting July 16 Registration begins July 9
B101 WVU Orientation,facilitated by Melissa Anne
F186 Writing Boosters - Story Starters #3
F300 Crafting Stories for Children
N116 Writing for Magazines Part 2, Prerequisite N116
Classes starting July 17 Registration begins July 10
MFA 220 Editing and Polishing

Classes starting July 23 Registration begins July 16
B111 The Writers' Way to Creativity Part 3, facilitated by Janet Smith
B113 Constructive Feedback, facilitated by Melissa Anne
F158 Beyond the Elements: Six Memos for the Next Millennium
F206 Writing the Screenplay – Part 1
Classes starting July 24 Registration begins July 17
MFA 231 Art & Artiface

Classes starting July 30 Registration begins July 23
B138 Plotting the Plot
F160 Lightness & Weight in Fiction
F253 Antiheroes
L134 Banned Books - Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
Classes starting July 31 Registration begins July 24
MFA 232 Backstory

WVU News

WVU Course Schedule Updated

WVU Course Schedule Updated for  June/July 2014

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Novel Writer's Group Looking for Members


What is it that makes a novel great? What is it that keeps you turning pages long after the sun goes down and the gentle call of slumber beckons? To be sure, a great novel has engaging characters, riveting tension and wondrous settings. But getting to that point has less to do with magic or a brilliant talent, and more to do with hard work and peer review.

Do you have a novel that you know has great potential to keep readers turning pages? Is it already on paper or just an idea? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work? Then you need to join the Novel Writer's group, and surround yourself with passionate writers willing to review and critique your work, so you can polish it into the brilliant gem it was meant to be.

There's no better time to join WVU than now, and there's no better place than the Novel Writer's group!

Join WVU today.


Advanced MFA Series

Writers' Village University offers the largest selection of online writing courses available anywhere. Our fiction courses range from beginning to advanced concepts. This year, we are proud to introduce our Advanced MFA Series. Learning the craft of writing is a lifelong adventure, and we strive to stay in the forefront with conventional, cross-disciplinary and forward-looking writing courses.  Thanks to a vibrant writers community, and knowledgable volunteers, WVU is an affordable alternative to traditional universities and expensive writing courses. Writers Helping Writers has always been our guiding motto. This is as true today as it was in 1995, when we introduced the first online university for writers to the World Wide Web.