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Course Schedule

April & May classes

Classes starting April 2 Registration begins March 26

B103 Grammar,facilitated by Janet Smith

F126 Story Structures

F128 Taking the Intimidation out of Theme

L116 Virginia Woolf 1882-1941, facilitated by Bob Hembree

Classes starting April 3 Registration begins March 27

MFA 205 Developing Characters

Classes starting April 9 Registration begins April 2 

B122 Libel and Permission

C118 Comedy Writing - Working with Analyzation

F114 Dialogue

F212 Heroes and Heroines (Sixteen Master Archetypes)

Classes starting April 10 Registration begins April 2

MFA 206 Minor Characters

Classes starting April 16 Registration begins April 9

B101 WVU Orientation, facilitated by Melissa Anne

F142 Short Story Workshop - Free Form

C102 Comedy Writing Part 2

P198 Poetry Triggers - Writing About a Loss

Classes starting April 17 Registration begins April 10

MFA 207 Setting and Character

Classes starting April 23 Registration begins April 16

B128 Opening Hooks

F132 Mythic Structure Part 2

F158 Beyond the Elements: Six Memos for the Next Millennium

F204 Introduction to Screenwriting

Classes starting April 24 Registration begins April 17

MFA 208 Difficult Characters

Classes starting April 30 Registration begins April 23

B154 Finding Your Voice

F108 Creativity In A Box

F244 Writing the Mystery Short Story

N140 Writing the Memoir

Classes starting May 1 Registration begins April 24

MFA 209 Point of View Basics

Classes starting May 7 Registration begins April 30

MFA301 Meter

F116 Getting the Words Right

N128 Writing from the Heart

P148 Poetry Triggers - Breaking Through Writer's Block

Classes starting May 8 Registration begins May 1

MFA 210 The Art of First Person

Classes starting May 14 Registration begins May 7

B107 The Writers' Way to Creativity Part 1, facilitated by Janet Smith

B172 Revision: Writing and Rewriting Fiction

F146 Let's Make A Scene

F216 Writing Boosters - Recipe #3

N114 Writing for Magazines Part 1

Classes starting May 15 Registration begins May 8

MFA 211 The Art of Third Person

Classes starting May 21 Registration begins May 14

B101 WVU Orientation,facilitated by Melissa Anne

B154 Finding Your Voice

F224 Playwriting

P150 Poetry Triggers - Nature Writing A Saturation Poem

Classes starting May 22 Registration begins May 15

MFA 212 What is a Plot?

Classes starting May 28 Registration begins May 21

C104 Comedy Writing: Working with Jokes

F152 Horror Writing

F218 Writing Boosters - Recipe #4

B114 Point of View & Related Topics

Classes starting May 29 Registration begins May 22

MFA 213 The Art of Sequencing