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Course Schedule

June & July classes

Classes starting June 4 Registration begins May 28
B138 Plotting The Plot
F112 Character Development
N138 Delving A Little Deeper Into Nature Writing
P202 Poetry Triggers - What's in a Name?

Classes starting June 5 Registration begins May 29
MFA 214 Describing and Withholding

Classes starting June 11 Registration begins June 4
B164 Personification
C108 Comedy Workshop: Working with Captions
F222 Writing Boosters - Brainstorming for Smells
F246 Writing Historical Fiction
Classes starting June 12 Registration begins June 5
MFA 215 Inflection, Tone and Pitch

Classes starting June 18 Registration begins June 11
B101 WVU Orientation,facilitated by Melissa Anne
B109 The Writers' Way to Creativity Part 2, facilitated by Janet Smith
F110 Where Creativity Lives
P204 Poetry Triggers - Using Beginning Lines as Poetry Starters
Classes starting June 19 Registration begins June 12
MFA216 Voice and Style

Classes starting June 25 Registration begins June 18
B113 Constructive Feedback, facilitated by Melissa Anne
B142 Blockbusters
F116 Getting the Words Right
N132 So, You Want to be a Travel Writer
Classes starting June 26 Registration begins June 19
MFA217 Magical Realism, Rules and How to Break Them

Classes starting July 2 Registration begins June 25
C100 Comedy Writing Part 1
F114 Dialogue
F200 Independent Novel Workshop
N124 Writing for a Living
Classes starting July 3 Registration begins June 26
MFA 218 Adding Humor to Fiction

Classes starting July 9 Registration begins July 2
F110 Where Creativity Lives
F146 Let's Make a Scene
N110 Writing Articles Part 2, Prerequisite N108
P158 Poetry Triggers - Going Over the Edge
Classes starting July 10 Registration begins July 3
MFA 219 The Purpose and Practice of Revision

Classes starting July 16 Registration begins July 9
B101 WVU Orientation,facilitated by Melissa Anne
F186 Writing Boosters - Story Starters #3
F300 Crafting Stories for Children
N116 Writing for Magazines Part 2, Prerequisite N116
Classes starting July 17 Registration begins July 10
MFA 220 Editing and Polishing

Classes starting July 23 Registration begins July 16
B111 The Writers' Way to Creativity Part 3, facilitated by Janet Smith
B113 Constructive Feedback, facilitated by Melissa Anne
F158 Beyond the Elements: Six Memos for the Next Millennium
F206 Writing the Screenplay – Part 1
Classes starting July 24 Registration begins July 17
MFA 231 Art & Artiface

Classes starting July 30 Registration begins July 23
B138 Plotting the Plot
F160 Lightness & Weight in Fiction
F253 Antiheroes
L134 Banned Books - Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
Classes starting July 31 Registration begins July 24
MFA 232 Backstory