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MFA102 Sentence Structures: Propositions, Subtext and Syntax

MFA103 Creativity and the Cumulative Sentence

MFA105 Sentences: Tough, Sweet, and Stuffy

MFA118 Adding Humor to Fiction

MFA120 Editing and Polishing

MFA201 Discovering the Rose in the Rubble

MFA202 Finding Triggers

MFA203 The Masks of Fiction

MFA204 The Fiction Writer's Apprenticeship

MFA205 Developing Characters

MFA206 Minor Characters

MFA207 Setting and Character

MFA208 Difficult Characters

MFA209 Point of View Basics

MFA210 The Art of First Person

MFA211 The Art of Third Person

MFA212 What is a Plot?

MFA213 The Art of Sequencing

MFAWS 213 Sequencing Workshop

MFA214 Describing and Withholding

MFA215 Inflection, Tone and Pitch

MFA216 Voice and Style

MFA217 Magical Realism, Rules and How to Break Them

MFA219 The Purpose and Practice of Revision

MFA301  Poetry: Meter

MFA302  Poetry: The Quatrain

MFA303  Poetry: Blank Verse

MFA304  Poetry: The Quatrain Part 2

MFA305  Poetry: The Couplet

MFA306  Poetry: The Sonnet

MFA307  Poetry: The Tercet

MFA308  Poetry: The French Forms

MFA309  Poetry: Trochaic and Anapestic Verse

MFA310  Poetry: Epigrams and Nonsense Verse

MFA311 Poetry: More English Forms

MFA312 Poetry: More Metrical Systems

MFA400 The Subtle Elements

MFA401 Nonfiction: Invitation and Narrative

MFA402 Nonfiction: Finding, Researching, and Reporting Topics

MFA402 Nonfiction: Name Your Subgenre

MFA402 Nonfiction: Constructing a Structure

MFA403 Nonfiction: Building Quality

MFA404 Nonfiction: Ethics

MFA405 Nonfiction: Editing

MFA406 Nonfiction: Narrative in the News

MFA407 Nonfiction: Building a Career in Magazines and Books

MFA1000 Conceptual Metaphor

MFA1002 Creativity In A Box (Expanded Version)

MFA1003 Creative Collaboration

MFA3001 Make Your Poetry Swing - Learning to Listen

MFA3002 Make Your Poetry Swing - Learning to Observe

MFA3003 Make Your Poetry Swing - Learning to Speak