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WVU Course Schedule Updated for  July/August 2014

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What is it that makes a novel great? What is it that keeps you turning pages long after the sun goes down and the gentle call of slumber beckons? To be sure, a great novel has engaging characters, riveting tension and wondrous settings. But getting to that point has less to do with magic or a brilliant talent, and more to do with hard work and peer review.

Do you have a novel that you know has great potential to keep readers turning pages? Is it already on paper or just an idea? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work? Then you need to join the Novel Writer's group, and surround yourself with passionate writers willing to review and critique your work, so you can polish it into the brilliant gem it was meant to be.

There's no better time to join WVU than now, and there's no better place than the Novel Writer's group!

Join WVU today.


Writers' Village University offers the largest selection of online writing courses available anywhere. Our fiction courses range from beginning to advanced concepts. This year, we are proud to introduce our Advanced MFA Series. Learning the craft of writing is a lifelong adventure, and we strive to stay in the forefront with conventional, cross-disciplinary and forward-looking writing courses.  Thanks to a vibrant writers community, and knowledgable volunteers, WVU is an affordable alternative to traditional universities and expensive writing courses. Writers Helping Writers has always been our guiding motto. This is as true today as it was in 1995, when we introduced the first online university for writers to the World Wide Web.

A new series of MFA Creative Nonfiction Courses begins in March. The first phase includes seven 2-week courses, and cover a wide range of topics: Writing for magazine, news organizations, blogs, or writing a book--it's all covered. As with all WVU courses, they're free to members.

MFA1001: Metaphor (Advanced MFA Series)
Text: Metaphors We Live By (Lakoff and Johnson)
Length: 6-weeks - This course is free to WVU members.
Writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry will find these ground-breaking concepts indispensable in the editing and the creative process. Often, one of the greatest tasks a writer faces is capturing an idea or image in words a reader will readily understand. In MFA1001, we'll study the conscious and unconscious significance of metaphor and frames, while exploring their practical applications for writers, including how to better connect with our readers on the emotional and conceptual levels, how to write with pin-point precision, and using metaphoric frames in character interactions with story elements. This is the first of three 6-week sessions on Conceptual Metaphor.

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