1S BloomdeplumeBloomdeplume

Bloomdeplume has been a member of Writers’ Village since 1999.

She has completed one novel, work-shopped in a nine-month UCLA master class, and has three other novels in various stages of progress. She writes literary and historical fiction.

Bloom completed her creative writing certificate in the UCLA Writers Program and worked closely with novelist, Lynn Hightower, who is now her mentor. Recently she completed the Iowa How to Write Fiction class MOOC and earned the certificate. Currently she’s enrolled in a historical fiction class through the Stanford Creative Writing Program.

In addition, her poetry has appeared in The Midwest Literary Journal, The Ghazal Page, The Loch Raven Review, and in the anthology, A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures. My short story, “The Gong Show,” received an honorable mention in the Fiction Open, Glimmer Train contest and is a member of the Women Fiction Writers Association.

She facilitated the Writers Village University MFA program class, Narrative Design, when it was first offered in February, 2015.



1S BrigitteBrigitte

Brigitte graduated from the University of California at Riverside with a BA in English.

She joined WVU in 2009, has taken many classes here and is now working on the WVU MFA-Certificate. She’s earned a Certificate in Fiction Writing from Gotham Writers Workshop, and will complete the UCLA-Extension Certificate in Fiction Writing in June 2016. Brigitte has been a member of CEU (the WVU Creative Energy Unlimited group) since they opened their doors.


1S carolCarol

Carol feels fortunate to have been able to earn her living writing. As a journalist, she’s covered everything from presidential elections and national conventions to courtroom trials. She has also completed a citizen’s police academy, written restaurant and book reviews, a political column, investigative pieces and travel articles.

Carol has won awards and publication for her fiction, poetry and news reporting. Fiction awards include: Editor’s Choice Award from publisher Shaye Areheart, Carrie McCray Literary Award and the Historical Novel Society’s short story award. She was a finalist in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition for a novel in progress and for a short story, second prize winner in the Pen and Brush Inc. prose contest, second place in the 2006 Frontiers in Writing mainstream category and third place in its mystery, suspense and thriller category. Publications in print literary journals include: The MacGuffin, Black Magnolia, Santa Clara Review, Sojourner, America’s Intercultural Magazine, Larcom Review, River Oak Review, Peregrine, and several themed anthologies.

She taught journalism at the University of Massachusetts and creative writing in the public schools. She believes in giving back for the opportunities she’s had and led writing workshops for inner city teens and women. Carol has also edited three publications of writings by teenagers, was poetry editor of Peregrine literary journal, president of the Pioneer Valley Press Club and participated in several Irish American Writers Exchange Programs in Ireland and in the United States


1S charityCharity

Charity has been a member of WVU for close to twenty years. She wrote her first novel here.

Her writing has been published in a variety of places, everywhere from one of the big five in NYC to university presses, to teeny, tiny micro-presses. 

Blog: Writing Wrongs

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1S cynthiaCynthiaR

CynthiaR has taken a series of English language writing classes in Kuala.

After travelling extensively, she’s stayed involved with Sharon's WordWorks group and, WVU. When the current MFA program began, she began the three-year MFA Creative Writing certificate course.

She has written in the high-tech world: technical writing, marketing communications, travel and social media for global corporations, and is currently working on a novel and a collection of linked short stories.


1S helenHelenR

Helen writes short stories, mostly literary, because she is intrigued by what makes an ordinary life extraordinary, or a mundane situation interesting, or the commonplace surprising. “What better way to do this than to write about familiar people in conventional situations by uncovering their innermost secrets.”

Helen says she is fortunate to have been published, and to have won (among a few other contests) the Alice Munro Short Story Award just a week before Munro won the Nobel Prize for Literature. 


1S joycehilandmum

Mum received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the City University of New York many years ago. For nearly forty-five years she worked in the scientific information publishing business as a translator, indexer, and, for twenty years, as a manager of other scientists. She has seen the business change from printing of paper journals to electronic processing and production of information.

After retiring in 2008, Mum participated in the National Novel Writing program for the first time and has 'won' NaNoWriMo almost every year since, producing drafts of romantic mysteries and fantasy novels. The Crimson Orb was first written for NaNoWriMo in 2010 and it went through several revisions before being published by the Phantasm imprint of Assent Publications in June 2014.

She perfected her writing skills in classes and writing groups at Writers Village University where she’s served as a mentor and intern for the F2K survey course and facilitated literature classes for the MFA certificate program there.

Her two flash mysteries, Natural Causes and Say Cheese were published in the anthologies The Darwin Murders and Tasteful Murders. A short story, Princess Petra, appears in The Way Back anthology.

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1S janetJanet

After discovering and joining up with Writers’ Village University in the spring of 1999, Janet knew within the first week there was something special about the site and the people it brought together. She was recruited as a mentor, facilitator, editor, and columnist, and enjoyed mentoring writers through the F2K Creative Writing course and writing the bi-monthly Poetry Column for F2K-zine.

She then went on to write the Author Interview column for T-Zero. Being an avid reader, she says this was a dream position where she was able to interact with some of her favourite best-selling authors.

To this day she continues to enjoy the magic of WVU through taking courses, and facilitating courses such as: The Writer’s Way, Creative Grammar, and Creative Punctuation.



1Sm joeyJoey

Joey joined WVU back in 2007. She writes fiction, nonfiction and some flash of both. Currently, she has two novels in progress, and will complete her fiction writing certificate at UCLA online in the spring of 2016.

Her work has appeared in Short Story America, T-Zero Quarterly, Funny Story, and World City Stories. Two of her fiction pieces won honorable mention in the St. Louis Writer's Guild annual short story contest. 


T-Zero Quarterly

Short Story America Anthology

Funny Story: an anthology


1S joniJoni

Joni joined Writers’ Village University in 2004.  She’s served a variety of roles at WVU, including F2K Mentor, workshop facilitator, poetry course instructor, and group moderator.  Joni is Managing Editor for WVU This Week, a WVU Site Guide and manages the WVU Support Desk. She’s a Lifetime WVU Member and the first point of contact for new members.


1S karenKareninMO

Karen was introduced to Writer’s Village University through the F2k six-week course. Three years later she found herself deeply involved with WVU, moderating and facilitating classes and courses and working toward her 3-year MFA.

Other than a few poems and short stories that she wrote for school newspapers, Karen has not had anything published…yet. The novel she began in Nano 2014 is her current project, and she says she has a newfound love for literary writing and am basking in the knowledge of those more experienced in that area.  Karen has found she enjoys working with others almost as much as writing. In her words:  “There is no greater pleasure than seeing the progress of a writer once they come into their own and it is a constant reminder of how much I have learned--and still have to learn--in these halls.”

As a WVU Adviser she is here to help guide new members, assist them with class choices and scheduling, and offer a huge shoulder to cry on, a helping hand when they’re down and a smile to help brighten their day. As Staff advisor Karen is always searching for new moderators and facilitators, so if you find you have some extra time to volunteer, let her know!  


1S LeonaLeona

Leona is a lifetime member of WVU. She joined her first session of F2K in 2009 which led her to discover the Writers Village University. She had already written the first draft of a manuscript, but it was here at WVU in the Novel Group that she polished it up and found a publisher. Hemphill Towers is her main published work.

She is an avid reader of most genres. She has participated as mentor in the Madeleine L’Engle Classroom in F2K for a number of years, saying it opened up a world of learning from people in other countries, and gave her some wonderful friends, most of whom are also WVU members.

Blog: Leona's Chatter

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When Linda retired from school counseling, she took a trip to Europe. There she sat on Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England. While in Rome, Emperor Hadrian’s name came up at the Pantheon. Linda stood in the very center of the Pantheon and placed her hand on the marble columns outside. 

When she returned home to Alabama, Emperor Hadrian was in her head and dreams. Linda says she had not had previous experience with a muse. “He took over the English romance novel I was drafting.  He moved the setting to Rome and made the novel his own. Writing and self e-publishing three books has brought me great pleasure.”

Linda credits her success to the courses and her friends at Writers Village University. She has completed the F2K class four times, served as intern in F2K, group facilitator, and all around student. Now enrolled in WVU’s MFA program she continues to learn about writing historical romance and flash autobiographical fiction. In Linda’s own words: “The feedback I’ve received from both beginners and advanced members continues to help me improve my writing and thinking processes. I’d be lost without WVU.”

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1S LuanaLuana

Luana a two time member of Writer’s Village University, originally joining back in the late nineties and finally coming home in 2014 to find out how much the village had grown. Writing is her first passion and she strives to write every day. Thanks to the yearly NaNoWriMo challenge, she has completed the first drafts of 4 novels. So far she’s published several articles she wrote years ago for a local base paper.

She enjoys sharing her knowledge, and helping others to realize their goals and dreams.


1S Margaretmadcapmaggie

Born and raised in New York City, Margaret Fieland has been around art and music all her life. Her poems and stories have appeared in journals such as Turbulence Magazine, Front Range Review, and All Rights Reserved. She is one of the Poetic Muselings. Their poetry anthology, Lifelines, was published by Inkspotter Publishing in November, 2011. She is the author of Relocated, Geek Games, Broken Bonds, and Rob's Rebellion published by MuseItUp Publishing , and of Sand in the Desert, a collection of science fiction persona poems. A chapter book is due out later this year.

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1S philPhilipM

Phil says he knows now he picked the wrong career path because he never settled anywhere until he started writing fiction. During a twenty-year career in the Navy, he rewrote several ship's operation manuals and other instructions, went on to work for a Virginia State Delegate, sold booze at Virginia ABC as Chief Administrator, and worked several years writing proposals and conducting financial analyses in support of government contractors. After leaving the service he taught Principles of Accounting and eventually became a university administrator. Phil is now retired from everything except writing. And WVU is where he concentrates his online interaction.

Phil is a graduate of Saint Leo University (BA), Old Dominion University (MSAccounting), and Golden Gate University (MBA). 

RJ Hembree


bob2018aRJ Hembree

In 1995 RJ Hembree built his first Web page as an Old Dominion University English major. Writers’ Village University evolved from this first website. The initial motivation was to connect with others interested in postmodern literature, authors like Italo Calvino, Jorge Luis Borges, John Barth, Salman Rushdie and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. What he found were like-minded writers, so he began to share what he was learning about writing. This was the beginning of the Web’s first online community and school for writers. By the time he started ODU's MFA program in 1997, WVU had grown from 7 members to over 1,000.

Over the years, his focus changed from writing fiction to writing about writing. He is a relentless researcher on the subject, and always on the lookout for fresh connections and ideas. When one has studied the craft long enough, the redundancy of popular writing texts and creative writing courses becomes clear.  There’s so much more to discover about writing and what makes it work (or not work).

Hembree has developed many courses since 1995, covering both conventional and artistic approaches to writing fiction, nonfiction and poetry. In his own words: “My joy is research and discovery, and even more, watching our members grow into fine writers. Many have published, won awards and write professionally. We have a wide variety of experience levels in our membership. My job is to explore ways of bringing out the best in them.”


1S robinrlmccormack

In the process of researching Master’s programs, Robin found WVU and discovered a wonderful community of writers. When WVU asked for volunteers to help with the MFA classes, Robin jumped in with both feet. Currently she facilitates the core course, MFA700 Narrative Design, plus the Flash Non Fiction writing series and helps moderate other courses.

Teaching and mentoring her son through the years lead her to further her education and she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts a few years ago. Robin is also a blogger and hosts an online annual reading challenge - Read 52 Books in 52 Week.

Being an avid reader she says reading is as necessary as breathing. “The courses as well as the positive and constructive feedback have helped improve both my writing and critical thinking skills, and I have had fun while doing so. “

Website: Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks


1S robynRobyn

Robyn has an MA in linguistics and has been homeschooling for nine years.

She tried to build a foundation for herself by taking a few literature MOOCs, reading a lot, and reading books on craft. “I started feeling like I was kind of stuck after a while. Everywhere I looked I kept seeing the same advice to read Lamott, Goldberg and a few Writer's Digest books. I was frustrated with trying to find the next step to improve my writing.”

Then she found WVU. “I have learned so much since joining, from courses, yes, and also from all the great writers here. My to-read list of books on writing craft has improved in both length and quality, and all the feedback given and received has helped me wrap my head around things that were eluding me. I have had a few poems and stories published here and there in little magazines and webzines, and I look forward to writing more.”



1S SatiSati

After graduating from college, Sati taught English in Tokyo before moving to Honolulu, where she got her MA in Japanese Language & Literature from the University of Hawaii.

Someday she hopes to write a mystery series set in Hawaii, starring a plucky heroine who works at a museum. Right now, though, she’s working her way through all of the WVU classes. Her stories have been published in a number of online and print publications, including Amsterdam Scriptum, Hiss Quarterly, Flash Me Magazine, Thereby Hangs a Tale, and Mouth Full of Bullets. 


1S bearpawthebearpaw

Bear graduated from Bryan Career College in Missouri, Womens Economic Ventures of California, and degrees from several courses in Creative Writing and Photography. She started a cottage school in Alaska where she wrote and taught the Literature Arts curriculum, wrote and edited the school newsletter and yearbook, and was also a volunteer and a small press. During the years of working in Corporate Hotel Management, she started publishing her own poetry and children's picture books. Now working on her MFA Certificate at WVU while exploring more of her creative spirit.


1S Michaelwhiterabbit7844

whiterabbit7844 has been seriously writing with the aim of being a published author since 2002. It wasn't until ten years later that he managed to find a NY agent he "clicked" with. During the intervening time, he wrote a lot. He used to track his word counts and, two years running, he hit over a million. So, when his agent asked to see his work, he sent her sixteen finished novels. It took her another two years to sell one. DREAM WITH LITTLE ANGELS remains his most successful book to date.

 Currently, he has over ten books published, some traditionally through Kensington Publishing, NY, some self-published under his own imprint DangerBoy Books.

Right now, his agent is shopping two manuscripts and he is about to dive into the fifth Alvin book for his series with Kensington.

Throughout his writing career, whiterabbit has studied his craft not only through writing books but also through retreats, seminars, and workshops.


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