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August 2016

MFA160 Flash Fiction - Making Flash Count August 18

MFA261 The Writer's Brain August 18

MFA801 Six Memos for the Next Millennium Workshop August 22

B164: Personification August 24

F152 Horror Writing August 24

B101 WVU Orientation August 24

MFA217 Magical Realism, Rules and How to Break Them August 25

L301 If on a winter's night a traveler Calvino) August 30

B101 WVU Orientation August 31

B154 Finding Your Voice August 31

September 2016

MFA161 Flash Fiction - Using Images for Inspiration September 01

L239 Louisa May Alcott Short Story September 06

F2K Creative Writing Course September 07

B101 WVU Orientation September 07

Poetry 186: Poetry Triggers - A Chinese Meditation Poem Exercise September 07

B101 WVU Orientation September 14

F174: Writing Booster Workshop - Opposites Attract and Repel September 14

MFA162 Flash Fiction - Staying True to the Image September 15

MFA708 The Difficult Imagination - Part 2 September 19

L306 Swann's Way - Proust September 20

F176 Writing Boosters - Story Starters #1 September 21

B101 WVU Orientation September 21

F126 Story Structures September 21

P190 Poetry Triggers - A Library of Poems September 21

MFA053 Flash Nonfiction: POV and Structure September 22

MFA218 Adding Humor to Fiction September 22

MFA704 THE ART OF TIME September 26

L134 Huckleberry Finn September 27

B101 WVU Orientation September 28

F140 Short Story Workshop – Linear September 28

F178 Writing Boosters - Recipe #2 September 28

F144: Preparing for the Novel September 28

MFA163 Flash Fiction - Meta-Narrative September 29

October 2016

B101 WVU Orientation October 05

P192: Poetry Triggers - What's in the Closet? October 05