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P196: Poetry Triggers - Digging Deeper into Metaphors (Nov 16)

B101 WVU Orientation (Nov 16)

B103 Grammar (Nov 16)

F194 Writing Boosters - Characters (Nov 16)

MFA105 Sentences: Tough, Sweet, and Stuffy (Nov 17)

L210 Daisy Miller - Henry James (Nov 22)

C118 Comedy Workshop: Working With Analyzation (Nov 23)

B101 WVU Orientation (Nov 23)

MFA167 Flash Fiction - Put Yourself in Danger (Nov 24)

P198: Poetry Triggers - Writing About a Loss (Nov 30)

F140 Short Story Workshop – Linear (Nov 30)

B101 WVU Orientation (Nov 30)



F146 Let's Make A Scene (Dec 07)

F216 Writing Boosters - Recipe #3 (Dec 07)

B101 WVU Orientation (Dec 07)

MFA168 Flash Fiction - Flash in a Pan (Dec 08)

B101 WVU Orientation (Dec 14)

P202: Poetry Triggers - What's in a Name? (Dec 14)

F218: Writing Boosters - Recipe #4 (1 Week) (Dec 14)

B101 WVU Orientation (Dec 21)

F220: Writing Boosters - Brainstorming for Characters (1 Week) (Dec 21)

MFA169 Flash Fiction - Expose Yourself (Dec 22)

L237 Ray Bradbury Short Stories (Dec 26)

B101 WVU Orientation (Dec 28)

P204: Poetry Triggers - Using Beginning Lines as Poetry Starters (Dec 28)

F140 Short Story Workshop – Linear (Dec 28)


MFA700 Narrative Design (Jan 02)

L304 The Death of Ivan Ilych - Tolstoy (Jan 03)

F108 Creativity In A Box (Jan 04)

B302 Giving Feedback (Jan 04)

P162: Poetry Triggers: Using Seasons as a Source of Inspiration (Jan 04)

B101 WVU Orientation (Jan 04)

MFA170 Flash Fiction - Load-bearing Sentences (Jan 05)

MFA201 Discovering the Rose in the Rubble (Jan 05)

MFA706 The Difficult Imagination - after innovative writing (Jan 09)

MFA750 Writing Literary Fiction - Part 1 (Jan 09)

L239 Louisa May Alcott Short Story (Jan 10)

B103 Grammar (Jan 11)

B101 WVU Orientation (Jan 11)

F176 Writing Boosters - Story Starters #1 (Jan 11)

MFA050 Flash Nonfiction: Form (Jan 12)

L240 Susan Glaspell Short Story (Jan 17)

F264 Creature Character Development (Jan 18)

B101 WVU Orientation (Jan 18)

MFA171 Flash Fiction - Editing and Revising (Jan 19)

MFA202 Triggers (Jan 19)

L241 Willa Cather Short Story (Jan 24)

F110 Where Creativity Lives (Jan 25)

B101 WVU Orientation (Jan 25)

MFA112 Writing Better Sentences (Jan 26)

L242 Katherine Mansfield Short Story (Jan 31)

L308 One Hundred Years of Solitude (Jan 31)



B101 WVU Orientation (Feb 01)

MFA400 Nonfiction: Telling True Stories (Feb 02)

L243 Kate Chopin Short Stories (Feb 07)

B101 WVU Orientation (Feb 08)

MFA203 The Mask of Fiction (Feb 09)

L401 Slouching Towards Bethlehem - Joan Didion (Feb 14)

F160 Lightness and Weight in Fiction (Feb 15)

B101 WVU Orientation (Feb 15)

L402 C. S. Lewis on Literature (Feb 21)

B101 WVU Orientation (Feb 22)

F204 Introduction to Screenwriting (Feb 22)

MFA204 The Fiction Writer's Apprenticeship (Feb 23)

L238 Alice Munro - Runaway (Feb 28)