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L301 If on a winter's night a traveler (Calvino) (May 01)
B304 Adjectives and Adverbs - The Pros and Cons (May 02)
F192 Writing Boosters - Plot Ideas (1 Week) (May 02)
B101 WVU Orientation (May 02)
MFA209 Point of View Basics (May 03)
F242: Science Fiction Workshop (May 09)
B101 WVU Orientation (May 09)
MFA154 Flash Fiction Point of View and Voice (May 10)
MFA505 The Homage or Tribute Story (May 10)
MFA377 Prose Poetry: On Influence (May 10)
MFA314 Japanese Poetic Forms (May 10)
MFA752 Writing Literary Fiction - Part Three (May 14)
L300 A Lesson Before Dying (Ernest Gaines) (May 15)
B107: The Writers' Way to Creativity (May 16)
B101 WVU Orientation (May 16)
P166 Poetry Triggers - Line Breaks in Poetry (May 16)
B303 Point of View (May 16)
MFA210 The Art of First Person (May 17)
L234 Barth and Borges (Form and Content) (May 22)
B101 WVU Orientation (May 23)
F174: Writing Booster Workshop - Opposites Attract and Repel (May 23)
MFA378 Prose Poetry: On Definition (May 24)
MFA053 Flash Nonfiction: POV and Structure (May 24)
F178 Writing Boosters - Recipe #2 (May 30)
B103 Grammar (May 30)
B101 WVU Orientation (May 30)
P168 Poetry Triggers - Using Points of View in Poetry Part 1 (May 30)
MFA211 The Art of Third Person (May 31)
MFA155 Flash Fiction - One Page Fictions (May 31)


L236 Faulkner Short Stories (Setting and POV) (June 05)
B101 WVU Orientation (June 06)
MFA379 Prose Poetry: On Theory (June 07)
L235 Hemingway Short Stories (Dialogue and Exposition) (June 12)
B101 WVU Orientation (June 13)
MFA156 Flash Fiction - Great Thoughts (June 14)
MFA212 What is a Plot? (June 14)
MFA702 Subtext (June 18)
B101 WVU Orientation (June 20)
MFA380 Prose Poetry: On Craft (June 21)
MFA510 Fairy Tales and Folk Tales (June 21)
L312 Julio Cortázar Shorts (June 26)
F140 Short Story Workshop – Linear (June 27)
B101 WVU Orientation (June 27)
MFA213 The Art of Sequencing (June 28)
MFA157 Flash Fiction - The Story in the Title (June 28)