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F192 Writing Boosters - Plot Ideas (1 Week) May 04

B101 WVU Orientation May 04

MFA04 The Classically Modern Essay May 05

MFA254 Protagonist Inner Issues May 05

L235 Hemingway Short Stories Dialogue and Exposition) May 10

P114 Japanese Poetic Forms May 11

F312 Beginnings: Names Matter 1 Week Series) May 11

B101 WVU Orientation May 11

MFA153 Flash Fiction - The Myth-ing Link May 12

L300 A Lesson Before Dying Ernest Gaines) May 17

B101 WVU Orientation May 18

B114 Point of View - Main May 18

P166 Poetry Triggers - Line Breaks in Poetry May 18

MFA255 Story Is in the Specifics May 19

MFA05 The Contemplative Essay May 19

MFA210 The Art of First Person May 19

L234 Barth and Borges Form and Content) May 24

B105 Punctuation May 24, 2016

B101 WVU Orientation May 25

MFA154 Flash Fiction Point of View and Voice May 26


P168 Poetry Triggers - Using Points of View in Poetry Part 1 - June 01

B101 WVU Orientation - June 01

MFA256 Conflict and Change - June 02

MFA050 Flash Nonfiction: Form - June 02

MFA211 The Art of Third Person - June 02

MFA802 Introduction to Conceptual Metaphor - June 06

L236 Faulkner Short Stories - Setting and POV) - June 07

B101 WVU Orientation - June 08