1S BrigitteBrigitte Whiting

I was born in Denmark; grew up in Alberta, Canada thirty miles from Glacier Park; and graduated from the University of California at Riverside with a BA in English. After that, I met my husband in Los Angeles and we later moved to Juneau, Alaska. He always had wanderlust and we traveled throughout the USA in a motorhome for several years before deciding to settle in Maine, where I worked behind the scenes for him in his private counseling practice.

We traveled weekends throughout northern New England in a camper during the warmer months and went for rides whenever possible. I had always wanted to write but found that with our schedule, it was difficult to carve out any time. After he died suddenly, I closed up the practice and started to write, first extensive journaling and then an Adult Ed class on writing short stories. I joined WVU in 2009, have taken many classes here and am now working on the WVU MFA-Certificate. I've earned a Certificate in Fiction Writing from Gotham Writers Workshop, and will complete the UCLA-Extension Certificate in Fiction Writing in June 2016. I meet weekly with a local writers' group.

I happened into writing fiction about relationships and set my stories in Maine. I'm currently working on a novel about three fifty-something sisters who aren't that close and taking a three-week cross-country trip from Maine to Wyoming. I follow their route on an atlas and through online searches plus I've traveled there in the past. I also write poetry and nonfiction pieces about Maine and my experiences with the wildlife in my yard, including wild turkeys, deer, squirrels, and an ongoing land-dispute with chipmunks.

I've been a member of CEU (the WVU Creative Energy Unlimited group) since they opened their doors.