MFA & Creative Writing Certificate Programs Overview

Writers’ Village University currently offers three certificate programs: Fiction MFA, Short Story MFA, and Creative Writing.

WVU Fiction MFA

WVU’s Fiction MFA is modeled on graduate-level university programs. A full-time student typically takes three courses per semester for 3 years (six 16-week semesters). WVU works differently; our courses vary in length according to the subject. For MFA students, courses are grouped by the semester. For example, eight 2-week courses equal a one-semester course. Likewise, two 4-week courses plus one 8-week course equal a one-semester course. Part-time students may take classes according to their schedules. There is no time limit to complete the program. WVU’s Fiction MFA program includes advanced workshops and a balance of craft and literature courses. This is our most comprehensive program with six 16-week semesters.

Short Story MFA

Our Short Story MFA is a 2-year program with a balance of craft and literature courses. It includes four 16-week semesters.

Creative Writing Certificate

Our Creative Writing Certificate program is for beginners and includes two 16-week semesters.