1S LuanaLuana Meissner

I’m a two time member of Writer’s Village University, originally joining back in the late nineties and finally coming home in 2014 to find out how much the village has grown. I loved WVU way back then and now I love it even more. Writing is my first passion and I strive to write every day. I would like to eventually see some of my stories published and maybe even a book or two. Thanks to the yearly NaNoWriMo challenge, I have completed the first drafts of 4 novels. Now I have the tedious task of tweaking them to publishable standards. So far the only things I’ve had published are several articles I wrote years ago for a local base paper. I’m recently retired from the RCAF where I did just shy of 26 years’ service as an Air Traffic Controller. During my time in the military I served overseas twice, in the Sinai and in Afghanistan.

I now reside with my husband, on a small acreage in Alberta, and love the peaceful quiet life. Our nearest neighbors are almost a mile away, and on a clear day you can make out the mountains in the distance. Between the two of us, we have 6 children, all grown and doing well, and 3 small grandchildren, who are little sweethearts. We also have two horses and a hard playing puppy that takes up most of my time.

Besides writing, my other main interests include herbology, nutrition and energy healing. I have recently earned my herbalist certificate and am now working towards becoming a master herbalist. I love teaching and have taught several workshops in different energy healing modalities. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and helping others to realize their goals and dreams.