1S cynthiaCynthia Reed

As May 2013 rolled around, I'd discovered I'd taken the last in a series of English language writing classes in Kuala Lumpur -- and was considering starting them all over again. For wannabe writers, it was "the only (English language) game in town." I'd moved to Malaysia in early 2011 with a NaNoWriMo draft under one arm and it just wasn't getting finished. My instructor, the amazing Sharon Bakar, suggested WVU. "You ought to check out Writers Village University," she said. "They've got an F2K special on right now." And so I did.

Mayaysia's no longer home –- it's Swedish lessons now –- but, I've stayed involved with Sharon's WordWorks group and, of course, WVU continues to be my foldable, packable, constant 'writing home.' When the current MFA program began, I jumped into the three-year MFA Creative Writing certificate course.

Originally a California/Idaho/Washington girl, my 'old life' was in the high-tech world: technical writing, marketing communications, travel and social media for global corporations. Somehow, in the process, I became a citizen of the world. The UK became "home" in 1999, and later, software developer hubby and I decided we needed one last fling roaming the world before retirement. So, still mostly ambulatory, off we went with our two rescue Alaskan Malamutes to have a few more adventures. And here we are. Non-writing time is dog-walking, reading, Swedish classes, music and photography. Life here in the woods, surrounded on three sides by the Baltic, is good.

Sure, the novel’s not yet rewritten and the collection of linked short stories languishes halfway to the finish line...but, hey, I'm here and living that lifelong dream: writing fiction every day. It will happen.