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I’ve been a member of WVU for close to twenty years—since the last century. No other online site has been a bigger part of my life. I wrote my first novel here. I met my friend Darcy Vance, who became not only my writing BFF and critique partner, but also my co-author. We’ve gone on to write two books together (so far).

I’ve jumped out of airplanes and worked for Green Giant. I spent twelve years as a Girl Scout and six on active duty in the Army. I now work as a technical writer since it’s quiet and consistent and I enjoy the work.

My writing has been published in a variety of places, everywhere from one of the big five in NYC to university presses, to teeny, tiny micro-presses. It has also been soundly rejected in its journey to publication.

Because writing is a journey, one with ups and downs. My hope is I can help others on their own journey, wherever that may lead.

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