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I joined WVU back in 2007 and went through the first trial go-around of the MFA program back then. I learned so very much by hanging around writers such as Carol Malley and others, reading their work and comments.

My reading is a smorgasbord: fiction, nonfiction, short stories, and essays.  Favorite authors are Elizabeth Berg, Anne Tyler, Wallace Stegner, Haruki Murakami and often whomever I'm reading at the moment.

I write fiction, nonfiction and some flash of both. Currently, there are two novels in progress, one of which is keeping me up at night. I will complete my fiction writing certificate at UCLA online in the spring of 2016.

My formal name is Shirley Eaves and my work has appeared in Short Story America, T-Zero Quarterly, Funny Story, and World City Stories. Two of my fiction pieces won honorable mention in the St. Louis Writer's Guild annual short story contest. I spent my formative years in the Midwest: Missouri and Illinois. Now I'm a Western woman living in Sedona, Arizona with my man and the coyotes, mule deer, javalinas, hummingbirds, Gambel's quail, and the occasional bobcat who stumble across our property.

Besides loving books, I'm a nature geek. I also love writers. We can be quirky, but we have fun.


T-Zero Quarterly

Short Story America Anthology

Funny Story: an anthology