1S karenKaren Barr

Karen is editor in chief of Writers Village University’s online literary magazine, Village Square. A lifetime member of WVU--where she is working toward her three-year MFA--she has served in multiple positions including Moderator and Mentor of F2k, Staff and Student Adviser, and Workshop leader and facilitator. She has both designed and facilitated courses for WVU’s MFA Certificate Program.

Her work has been published in literary magazines and online in the U.S. and UK. Her short stories have won four times in the Write Invite online competition, based in the UK.

While her main love is literary short stories, she is currently working on a novel and screenplay as well as a nonfiction book on Classic Car Accessories. She has received certificates from the University of Iowa’s Creative Writing Program MOOCs.

She enjoys the privacy of her 34-acre home in Missouri where she lives with her husband, three miniature dachshunds and a white Labrador. Her hobbies include photography, painting and classic cars.