P166 Poetry Triggers - Line Breaks in Poetry

On May 12, 2021
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P166: Poetry Triggers: Line Breaks in Poetry

Facilitated by: Maggie

  • Average Time Commitment per Week: 4 hours
  • Time to Complete Course: 1 Weeks
  • Difficulty (1-5): 5
  • Course Description: The Poetry Triggers Workshops were developed by members of P123, the Senior Poets Workshop, to challenge and prompt poets to write, whether they are suffering from writer's block, desiring to explore and find new topics, seeking to expand their craftsmanship or simply looking for some writing exercises to get the creative juices flowing between longer courses. 

    Feedback helps us grow as poets. In giving feedback, point out what works and what doesn't and give your reasons for feeling that way. Be kind in your comments, but truthful. Remember, we are all in this together so please don't set out to hurt. But do not lie either. Give as you hope to receive. Try to refer to specifics in the poem, i.e., word choices, use of metaphor or other poetic devices, musicality, clarity. 

    Rewriting is an important part of the poetry writing process. Use our Rewriting Suggestions to help you polish your poems. 

  • Required Resources (texts, etc.): None
    • Lesson 1: Using Line Breaks in Poetry


Course developed by: Glennis Hobbs


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